Marinilli Associates, Inc

Public Insurance Adjuster - MA, RI, NH

Marinilli Associates Public Insurance Adjusters was founded more than 30 years ago and is comprised of 6 licensed public adjusters serving the New England area with more than 100 years of combined experience.

Marinilli Associates, Inc., assists clients from the time of loss through the resolution of the claim. We can arrange emergency services at the time of the loss including securing the property and arranging for temporary living space. From that point, Marinilli Associates prepares a comprehensive and detailed estimate of the damaged property including a building repair estimate and damaged personal property. Marinilli Associates aggressively negotiates on behalf of its clients for a fair and equitable settlement.

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

When you notify the insurance company of your claim, the insurance company assigns one of their adjusters to evaluate the damage and look out for their interests. It is logical that you should have an adjuster of your own to take care of you and your interests. If you are like most people, you have not really read, nor do you fully understand your insurance policy provisions. You may not know everything to which you are rightfully entitled under the terms and provisions of your insurance policy. Marinilli Associates understands your insurance policy completely, and we make sure that we ask for and that you receive, everything that you deserve and paid premiums for, from your insurance company. Just as you hire a professional when you have a medical, legal, or financial problem, so should you hire a professional who represents you, and you alone, when you have an insurance claim for property damage.

Why can’t my insurance agent take care of my claim?

Your agent specializes in selling you the coverage that you want, but does not have the facilities, experience, time, or training needed or required to handle your claim. Insurance agents are not licensed or bonded as adjusters. We are.

Why can’t the insurance company adjuster represent me?

The insurance company adjuster works for and is paid by the insurance company. Marinilli Associates works for you, and you alone. We have no other interests other than yours. Our fee is simply a percentage of what you receive from the insurance company, so it is to our benefit to get you the best possible settlement. The same can not be said for the insurance company adjuster.

Why can’t I prepare and present my own claim?

Marinilli Associates are professional adjusters who work on insurance claims everyday. We have the facilities, equipment, technology, communications systems, up-to-date information, resources, and industry contacts to reach the maximum recovery to which you are entitled. Attempting to adjust your own claim can be costly, time consuming, stressful, confusing, and very, very difficult.

How are public adjusters paid?

Marinilli Associates receives a reasonable percentage strictly from the recovery that you receive, and only when you receive it. You pay nothing up front, and we charge no consultation fees. Historically, our fee has been more than covered by the additional monies recovered as a result of exposure of hidden damage, proper interpretation of the policy, carefully researched and documented estimates, and aggressive and experienced negotiation skills.

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