Should I use a public adjuster for smoke damage?

When you notify the insurance company of your claim, the insurance company assigns one of their adjusters to evaluate the smoke damage from a fire and looks out for their interests. It is logical that you should have an adjuster of your own to take care of you and your interests. If you are like most people, you have not really read, nor do you fully understand your insurance policy provisions. You may not know everything to which you are rightfully entitled under the terms and provisions of your insurance policy for smoke damage to your home.

Marinilli Associates understands your insurance policy completely, and we make sure that we ask for and that you receive, everything that you deserve and paid premiums for, from your insurance company. Just as you hire a professional when you have a medical, legal, or financial problem, so should you hire a professional who represents you, and you alone, when you have an insurance claim for smoke damage due to a fire.

What can you expect from Marinilli Associates?

Residential and commercial property be greatly impacted by the perils of smoke and fire. Small or large, fire and smoke damage can be devastating. Damage can be as basic as smoke damage to complete destruction of your property.

When fire or smoke damage occurs, many city and municipal services get involved. Property owners are inundated with questions and do not know how to properly respond. We will assist you with the fire, smoke, water, dry out and mold.

When a fire occurs, the initial concern is that everyone occupying the property is safe and out of harm’s way. In Massachusetts, fire damage can occur at any time, resulting from a variety of different causes. During Massachusetts storms, lightning can strike a home, which, in turn, causes a fire. Electrical fires can occur in older constructed homes. Cigarettes are still a huge cause of home fires. Also, leaving appliances on, such as the stove, can often cause fires as well. The possibilities are endless, and the potential triggers can even combine together to start a fire.

In the event of home fire damage, it’s very important to have a plan for evacuating the premises in place beforehand. If the fire does happen to be small and can be extinguished, then this should be done as soon as possible in order to prevent it from spreading. On the other hand, if there is a large fire or a great deal of smoke present, this is a sign that you should leave the premises immediately. Make sure you’re prepared.

Smoke and fire damage can be difficult to comprehend. At Marinilli Associates Public Adjusters, we will very carefully help you through the entire fire damage recovery process.

Summary of Our Services

1. Address your immediate questions and concerns about the smoke damage.

2. Prioritize immediate and future needs due to the fire re: housing, protection, etc.

3. Inform the insurance company of your smoke damage/our representation.

4. Establish and maintain professional line of communication with insurance company adjuster.

5. Thoroughly research your policy and coverage for smoke damage.

6. Meet with the insurance adjuster to establish scope/extent of the smoke damage.

7. Complete precise, detailed repair and/or rebuild estimates.

8. Gather documentation and prepare all property inventories.

9. Prepare business interruption, loss of rents, additional living expenses and replacement receipt documentation.

10. Present estimates, inventories, documentation of the smoke damage to insurance adjuster.

11. Meet with insurance company to achieve a settlement which maximizes your coverage and protects your interests.

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