Edward C. Marinilli

Contents Specialist

Edward Jr. is currently a full-time student at Johnson and Wales University majoring in Business.

When not in class or studying for exams, Edward can be found shadowing his father and building a solid foundation in the field.

Edward also assists with content inventories and evaluation.

What can you expect from Marinilli Associates?

Marinilli Associates, Inc., assists clients from the time of loss through the resolution of the claim. We can arrange emergency services at the time of the loss including securing the property and arranging for temporary living space. From that point, Marinilli Associates prepares a comprehensive and detailed estimate of the damaged property including a building repair estimate and damaged personal property. Marinilli Associates aggressively negotiates on behalf of its clients for a fair and equitable settlement.

Public adjusters have special training and expertise in appraising, preparing and negotiating property damage claims. A public adjuster works exclusively for the policyholder and NEVER the insurance company.

Free Incident Review!

Have you experienced property damage? Report the details of your property loss for a free assessment from Edward Marinilli.